Electricity- the future of the energy system

The world of energy has undergone tumultuous change lately, and consumers are faced with higher expenses as a result. Not only has the price of gas skyrocketed, but carbon prices have hit all-time highs. Electricity prices have also suffered hikes, a challenge to those wishing to implement greener changes within their business.  However, the future of electricity needn’t be so bleak.


Rapid reduction in the costs of technology means that the production of renewable power and electricity storage at large scale is now easier than ever. This is good news for the future of electricity prices. Also, the reduction targets for CO2 emissions are increasing and pushing up carbon costs related to energy generation, so the cost of using fossil fuels is increasing.


With electricity likely to dominate the future energy system, many feel that now is the right time to invest in renewable energy. For a business looking to reduce its carbon footprint, switching from fossil fuel based energy sources to electricity can dramatically cut CO2 emissions. By recycling thermal energy, our HighLift heat pumps can lower harmful emissions, thus reducing carbon costs and make energy recycling profitable. Embracing innovative, climate friendly solutions appears to be the best way to allow businesses and industries to prosper, and given the current energy situation, there’s no better time than to start the journey to greener energy now.