Heat Pump Horizons: Our Journey at the HTHP Symposium 2024


Our engagement at this year’s High Temperature Heat Pump Symposium in Copenhagen has enriched us with valuable insights. The event facilitated meaningful discussions on sustainability and innovation within the heat pump technology sector.


Kim Högnabba, from Åbo Akademi University, joined Olvondo Technology for the event, and delivered his presentation- De-carbonization of European Dairy industry – quantifying commercial and environmental impact of the integration of a very high temperature heat pump, drawing considerable interest from the audience.


The symposium discussions have contributed to our ongoing commitment to advancing sustainable solutions through cutting-edge heat pump technology. We continue to actively seek collaborative opportunities and engage with the global community to stay at the forefront of industry developments.


At Olvondo Technology, our dedication to inspiring change and contributing to a more sustainable future remains unwavering. Stay connected with us for updates on our journey as we navigate the evolving landscape of high temperature heat pump technology.