Iberdrola Collaboration

After taking part in the Energy4Planet initiative, Olvondo Technology has successfully secured a project in collaboration with global energy leaders Iberdrola. OT was selected from amongst numerous businesses hoping to secure the opportunity to cooperate with some of Europe’s largest corporations. With support from the Regional Research Fund of Vestfold and Telemark, OT and Iberdrola will now be able to implement innovative solutions within energy. In consideration of its application, the HighLift heat pump has been acknowledged as a solution to help save industry from already high and ever-rising C02 taxes. The technology has been praised for its contribution to reducing CO2 emissions from industry.

This is a big step forward for Olvondo Technology, one that will lead to the acceleration of a greener industry, not only within Europe, but worldwide. We look forward to working alongside Iberdrola and are confident that our heat pump technology can be used to facilitate industry’s shift to greener energy.